Scared Speechless  is now available on Amazon! 

Scared Speechless is now available on Amazon! 


Book now available on Amazon! Click here to visit purchase page.

Between the ages of ten and twenty-three, Roy suffered from a crippling fear of public speaking. Not the “ speeches makes my voice quiver,” or the “I get so nervous, public speaking is hard!” type of public speaking fear. Roy suffered from the “I haven’t slept for two nights; I just spent thirty minutes crying; crouched over a toilet bowl with nerve-induced nausea; and I ended up skipping my presentation—but I’d probably have passed out on stage anyway” type of public speaking fear. Because of this fear, Roy suffered in school, work and his personal life.

Today, Roy loves public speaking, and seeks every opportunity to speak in front of an audience. After graduating college as the President’s Scholar, where he conducted a captivating speech to over 15,000 people. Since then, Roy has been spreading his inspiring and gut-wrenchingly hilarious story to audiences throughout Los Angeles.

Scared Speechless is the story of how an ordinary guy, Roy Rosell, overcame his crippling fear of public speaking (glossophobia). Many of us believe that we have the potential to be great speakers—that is, until we stand up and face an audience. Then the majority of us crash and burn. We stutter, we stammer, we sputter. We sweat and we stumble. So did Roy. But after nearly twelve years of failing miserably to control his fear, in just three months Roy developed the precise attitude and the confidence to overcome his glossophobia and become a dynamic public speaker. In Scared Speechless, Roy shares his ridiculous journey and reveals his hard-won tips, tactics, and tales—to help you conquer your fear and doubts.